H2 Fuel Cell Car

From a child's room to a small laboratory

How does a fuel cell work? How can you use it to generate hydrogen? The H2 Fuel Cell Car teaches students about this exciting topic. They can use the fuel cell and vehicle to investigate the properties of hydrogen. They can also build interesting additional models in conjunction with the Green Energy building set.

Please note the safety instructions at the end!

Functional principle behind the fuel cell
Operating the fuel cell
Fuel cell facts and experiments
Combination models H2 Fuel Cell Car and Green Energy
Decommissioning / storing the fuel cell

Important safety instructions in advance


For use by children over the age of 10 only. To be used only under the close supervision of adults, who have taken the necessary precautions described in the experiments kit. Read the instructions before use, follow them and keep them ready to hand.
They contain instructions for parents and these must be followed. Keep the packaging and instructions, as they contain important information. Hydrogen is produced during the experiment. Hydrogen can form an explosive mixture with atmospheric oxygen. Therefore, all ignition sources must be removed before carrying out the experiment.

Advice for supervising adults
This experiments kit is only intended for use by children over the age of 10 years.
The instructions should enable adults to assess the experiment's suitability for the child concerned.

Safety rules

  • Read these instructions before starting the experiment, follow them and keep them ready to hand.
  • Keep the experiments kit out of reach of small children.
  • Do not put wires into the electrical outlet.
  • Warning: Do not remove the protective diode between the connections of the fuel cell! It prevents irreparable damage to the fuel cell if a short circuit occurs between the positive pole (red) and the negative pole (black) or if cables get too hot.
  • Do not short circuit the fuel cell (explosion hazard)!
  • Warning: (Connection) errors or unauthorized changes can cause temperature increases on exposed surfaces that can exceed the allowable limits!
  • The fuel cell may only be operated with a direct voltage up to 3V. Never connect any other power supplies, e.g. 9 V fi schertechnik.
  • Do not short circuit the contact points of the fuel cell.
  • Too high voltage or a short circuit can destroy the fuel cell membrane.
  • Do not produce electricity or hydrogen for any purposes other than those given in the instruction manual.
  • Do not produce or store more hydrogen than fi ts in the storage cylinder of the fuel cell (around 20 ml).
    Avoid continuous charging of the fuel cell.

Proper use

The Fuel Cell kit's fuel cell may only be used to operate fischertechnik models.