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Chain reactions

Play & Fun with chain reactions

Funny Reactions

Funny Reactions

Discover exciting chain reactions with the new Funny Reactions construction kit!
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Funny Machines

Funny Machines

Funny chain reactions for young designers and tinkerers!
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What is a chain reaction? What are the physics behind a chain reaction?
Brilliant: What is a Gauss rifle?

ADVANCED Funny Reactions

Fun & action in the children's room!

With the new, colourful chain reaction game for children aged 8 and up, just a little push is enough to trigger action-packed and exciting reactions. With the help of the building instructions, three different chain reaction models can be built. But the fun doesn't stop there. Get creative yourself: design and build the longest and most exciting chain reactions possible. In addition to fischertechnik components, other objects can of course also be built into the constructions - so the children's room quickly becomes a big chain reaction arena. A fun, colourful starter set for young builders!

Funny Reactions Features

ADVANCED Funny Machines - chain reaction game

Fun & games with chain reactions

A little push can have a big effect!
Funny Machines Chain Reactions Features

The Funny Reactions & Funny Machines chain reaction kits at a glance