What is mechanics?

The field of mechanics focuses on forces and how objects move. It describes how bodies react under the influence of forces, and how they change their movement in response to them. Mechanics is divided into different areas, such as statics, dynamics, kinetics or thermodynamics. We will now examine the area of dynamics in more detail. Whenever machines or gears are set in motion, they are dynamic. Dynamics describes a change in linear momentum, such as when a shaft turns, when something moves back and forth or when a gear transmits a force. Dynamics, therefore, is the study of changes in movement. In the following section, you will learn more about what exactly this means.


Uhrwerk Titelmodell
Spindel gear (headset holder)
Gear drives
Spur gears
Bevel gears
Multi-stage spur gears
Impact drivers
Hammer drills
Planetary gears
Food processor
Worm gears
Solar tracker
Clockwork mechanism