PROFI Dynamic L2

With this construction set, you can learn the basics of dynamics. By reading through this didactic information and by trying out the different models, you will be led step by step through the subject of dynamics. We hope you have a lot of fun and success when experimenting with the PROFI Dynamic L2.

What does dynamics mean?

We encounter dynamics everywhere in our daily life and perhaps no longer even recognize it because we are so used to it! We speak of dynamics everywhere anything moves. We experience this in the morning when we get up. We move from our bed to the bathroom or the breakfast table. We drive or walk to school or to work. We experience the effects of dynamics in nearly all hobby sports or see them when we simply watch other people move. Dynamics provides us with awesome experiences and fun, such as riding your bike, skiing, skateboarding, playing ball or riding a roller coaster. Dynamics therefore enriches our lives, as expressed in the motto - Fun with Physics! Did you know that dynamics is even a branch of physics dealing with all processes involving motion? Some of these diverse physical effects are shown and explained in various experiments in this activity booklet.