PROFI Pneumatic Power

This construction set helps you to learn the principles of pneumatics. Reading through this educational information and trying out the various models will introduce you to the subject of pneumatics step by step. Now we wish you a great deal of fun and success experimenting with your PROFI Pneumatic Power Set.

Basics of pneumatics

Compressed air is so common, it is hard to imagine getting along without it. More than likely you will encounter it daily, directly or indirectly. This can start with your breakfast eggs, which may have been packed with the aid of a pneumatic vacuum gripper. Or at the dentist's when he drills out a cavity with a pneumatically driven drill. You can see pneumatics on construction sites, when a jackhammer is used to break up pavement, in the brake system on your car or in many other situations. The word pneumatic comes from the Greek word pneuma meaning air. Pneumatics focuses on generating motion and accomplishing mechanical work with air. Almost anything can be driven with air. It can be used as an alternative for muscular force or any other type of energy such as electricity, water, hydraulic oil or wind power.

The advantages of pneumatics are that ...

  • Compressed air can be stored
  • Compressed air can be transported over great distances with pipes
  • and hoses or in appropriate tanks or containers
  • Compressed air is clean and does not cause any contamination
  • Movements can be performed quickly with compressed air
  • Pneumatic cylinders allow many motions to be realized without
  • complicated mechanical systems

Your Pneumatic Power Construction Set explains these advantages and further interesting information. Moreover we want to show you how pneumatic components work. For this purpose we explain the individual components step by step and show how they work. Moreover the construction set contains numerous examples of models showing how pneumatics can be used.

PROFI Pneumatic Power