Retro Mechanics

Discover mechanics and statics in a great retro design!

Who carries heavy loads around today? Who drills a hole in the wall with pure muscle power? Who still washes his clothes on a washboard? Almost nobody. The human being has invented many devices, which make his life and work easier. This began with the work mill for a mill and moved on to the jet engines for a Jumbo jet and then to the computer. Devices that make your work easier or even do it for you are called machines in the technical language.

Machines can:

  • Move loads
  • Machine materials
  • Transforming electrical energy into kinetic energy
  • Process data


  • Truck, car crane or excavator ...
  • Dough mixer, cement mixer ...
  • Electric motor
  • Pocket calculator or computer ...
What is mechanics?
Toothed Gearing
Rope Pulleys, Lifting Tackle
World of statics