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What is 3D printing?

3D printing is the computer-controlled, layered construction of three dimensional pieces of work. The construction takes place using CAD files and follows given designs and measurements. Typical construction materials are, amongst other things; synthetic materials, artificial resins, ceramics and metals. The field of application for 3D printing is extensive; it is used primarily in industry, research and the commercial and domestic sectors. However, in the art world and many other sectors, 3D printing is no longer being discounted and is enabling new possibilities and opportunities in projects large and small alike.

Use fischertechnik’s 3D printer to print creations yourself at any time - super individual, super simple and super flexible, even at home!

With this self-assembly kit users can obtain easy access to the forward-thinking and fascinating technology of 3D printing. Using detailed step-by-step assembly instructions, the printer can be constructed safely and securely and put into operation so that it can start creating pieces of various shapes and sizes.
Users will learn the basics of 3D printing and gain insight into this revolutionary technology that has great potential.
3D printing relies on so-called additive manufacturing processes. In contrast to subtractive processes (milling, turning etc.), where the object is constructed by cutting material away from a solid block, in additive manufacturing the filament is applied layer upon layer. The fischertechnik 3D printer uses the FDM process (Fused Deposition Modelling).
With this printing technique you can transform creative ideas into three dimensional objects. Molten synthetic material is pushed out of a nozzle. The individual layers are up to a quarter millimetre thick so that you can clearly see them on the finished object.  Over time, the synthetic material hardens in the air.

Technical data of the 3D Printer

fischertechnik 3D printer printing surface

Build volume                           115 x 100 x 65 mm

fischertechnik 3D printer nozzle

Nozzle diameter                 0,5 mm

fischertechnik 3D printer printing layer

Layer thickness 0,2 mm

fischertechnik 3D printer speed

Print Speed 37 mm/s

Important components of the fischertechnik 3D printer

3D controller

The controller operates not only all the system units and stepper motors, but also the movement of the extruder in the co-ordination system (X, Y and Z axis). On the controller all stepper motors are connected via a cable to the programmable microprocessor. The USB cable is also connected to the PC and power supply here.

fischertechnik 3D printer controller

3D Print Control Software

The printing is controlled by the control software. 3D pieces are loaded in “STL” format and converted into G-codes with the help of the slicer. G-codes indicate the coordinates of the axes.

fischertechnik 3D printer software - 3D Print Control


The extruder is one of the 3D printer’s key components. Material handling ensures that the filament is transported to the HotEnd. During material handling the filament is also loaded or unloaded.

fischertechnik 3D printer extruder

HotEnd - a heated nozzle

The function of this component is to melt the material needed for printing at a temperature of around 200° and then push it through a nozzle. The temperature control is overseen by a so-called “thermistor”. This thermistor is a temperature dependant resistor that changes its resistance value dependant on the surrounding temperature.

fischertechnik 3D printer hotend

fischertechnik premium filament

fischertechnik’s top quality filament (PLA, Ø 1.75mm) for precise printing results is available in eight different fischertechnik colours (green, blue, red, yellow, black, white, silver and transparent). Bioplastic free of pollutants and heavy metal on a 500g reel or 50g roll. Recommended for fischertechnik’s 3D printer.

fischertechnik 3D printer premium filament
fischertechnik 3D printer packaging

fischertechnik 3D Printer

3D printer build-it-yourself kit for building, designing, and printing! 
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