Play and fun with potato starch 

We offer fischerTiPs, a creativity and crafting material, for children ages 3 and up. TiPs are manufactured with potato starch and natural food coloring. The potato starch we use is produced on domestic farms and is 100 percent biodegradable. Colorful fischerTiPs promote imagination and creativity through fun. Simply moisten the fischerTiPs with water and stick them together. They are also easy to cut, press, and shape. You can build colorful figurines, flowers, or whole landscapes with no adhesives at all. Painting with fischerTiPs is also child’s play.

Painting with fischerTiPs is also child’s play: Dissolve the TiPs, which come in twelve basic colors, in water to create paints you can use to draw great pictures.

Use fischerTiP tools to easily change TiPs, helping you bring your model ideas to life. 

The tools are produced from resource-saving bioplastics. ThisThis helps us stay true to our high sustainability standards.