Factory Simulation 9V

Combination of the models Sorting Line With Color Detection, Multi Processing Station With Oven, Automated High-Bay Warehouse and Vacuum Gripper Robot. Self-contained material cycle: workpieces are retrieved from the Automated High-Bay Warehouse, processed in the Multi Processing Station With Oven, then sorted by color in the Sorting Line With Color Detection and finally stored in the Automated High-Bay Warehouse again.

Wichtigste Themen der Lernfabrik

fischertechnik Cloud

This service is not available for all other models.


Via mobile devices as well as via laptop and PC


The controllers are already loaded with ROBO Pro Coding or Python programming environment at delivery.

Environmental sensor

Environmental influences play a significant role in a factory: Humidity and temperature can have an impact on sensitive technology, air quality and air pressure can greatly affect or promote the way employees work.

In the Learning Factory 4.0, these values are recorded by the fischertechnik environmental sensor and communicated via the TXT controller to the fischertechnik Cloud, where they are then evaluated on the dashboard.

We have listed additional information on the environmental sensor for you here.

USB Camera

An automated production line requires the possibility of remote monitoring: highly specialized personnel are often needed to identify the source of a malfunction. Via the USB camera, this specialist can remotely view the entire plant and discuss the problem. In communication with the workers on site, the fault can be rectified in this way without requiring the specialist locally.

Detailed information about the fischertechnik USB camera can be found here.

Traffic light

A traffic light is used to visualize malfunctions in the modern manufacturing plant: At first glance, the current status of the Learning Factory 4.0 can be seen. A green light indicates undisturbed production, a yellow light indicates a malfunction, and a red light indicates a production stop.

Centrally located, the traffic light helps to quickly identify and rectify problems.

WLAN router

Communication between TXT controllers, fischertechnik Cloud and the Dashboard requires a connection to the Internet, which is why the fischertechnik Lernfabrik 4.0 has its own WLAN router and thus its own WLAN network.

Calibration station

The vacuum suction pad production module can be aligned in the Learning Factory 4.0 very easily and without any programming effort via the calibration station: A simple joystick controls the vacuum suction pad. This enables particularly effective work without having to accept high losses of time and effort in troubleshooting.