Early Coding

Learn to program robots

Art.-No. 559889
Top Facts:
  • Set for entry into the world of computer science and robotics
  • Two motors and sensors already integrated in the model
  • Simple graphical programming environment with ready-made examples
  • Learning to program with simple robot models

Product Description

Writing your own program and bringing a robot to life is unbelievably fascinating and exciting. This technology is essential in today's world. Our fischertechnik Early Coding building set is the right choice to teach even the youngest developers about this exciting, important topic. They can get started in the world of IT and robotics in a fun, inspiring way using the finished components. The two motors and sensors are fully integrated into a block. That means all users need to do is switch them on, connect via Bluetooth using a mobile device, and get started! The simple graphic programming environment with pre-designed examples is built to be age-appropriate – the perfect way to get started with the world of robotics! Students can also easily create their own programs using the software.


In the construction Set includet

  • Robot chassis completely assembled with 2 motors
  • movable bumper with 2 push buttons
  • track sensor with 2 infrared receiver diodes
Parts summary


  • Nominated for "Deutscher Spielzeugpreis 2022
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  • First Coding App
  • Bluetooth control
  • Learn programming

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 32 x 8 x 23 cm
Number of models 3
Number of parts 55
EAN-Code 4048962424706

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