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Multi Processing Station With Oven 24V

Two processing stations with pneumatic transfer for safe workpiece transfer

Art.-No. 536632_sim
  • Ideal training, simulation and demonstration model for training and industrial automation
  • Already completed, stable training model
  • Mounted on a solid wooden plate, model packaged in a sturdy cardboard box
  • Optionally available in the 9V standard voltage as well as in the worldwide 24V industrial standard
  • CAUTION: absolutely necessary for operation is a PLC control 24V

Product Description

Furnace with pneumatic sliding door. Downstream processing station with pneumatic transfer unit including vacuum gripper, cutter with rotary table and conveyor belt.

Connection to PLC control: The model has a circuit board with relays for reversing the direction of rotation of the motors. All inputs and outputs can be connected to a jack plug (26-pin, 2.54 mm pitch) or to series terminals with push-in terminals.

Additional Teaching Material:

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Technical details:
  • Current consumption: I = ca. 1,6A
  • Inputs digital: 9
  • Outputs 24V: 14


In the training model included:

  • 4x Mini motor (DC motor)
  • 6x Push button (limit switch)
  • 2x Phototransistor
  • 2x LED light barrier
  • 4x Solenoid valve
  • Compressor

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 50,2 x 34,2 x 30,2 cm
Weight 4680 g
System prerequisites of software PLC control
Power supply system (Battery) 24V
EAN-Code 4048962250398

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