Programming in elementary school:

fischertechnik Calliope explains the principles of programming in an easy-to-understand way to pupils from the third grade upwards. The kit includes fischertechnik components for building six stationary models. With the help of the sensors and the actuators, pupils can first construct easy-to-understand models such as hand dryers, traffic lights and barriers according to the building instructions and then control them via the Calliope board. fischertechnik Calliope can be used in guided and free lessons and is an easy-to-understand introduction to the world of programming for young pupils. The accompanying didactic booklet with teacher and teaching materials offers step-by-step instructions for getting started and various tasks. The teaching materials can be downloaded free of charge from the eLearning portal.

Incl. solar motor, 2x photoelectric LED, 1x phototransistor, 2x pushbuttons, printed assembly instructions, didactic accompanying booklet, packaging in a sturdy box 500.

Required: Calliope board as well as Open Roberta software

Power supply: via USB