Exercise 1: Flashing light


The tasks use the example of a flashing light to introduce the concepts of „algorithm“, „programming language“ and „program“ and explain the use of a lamp (LED) on the microcontroller.

Students learn about the structural element loop and the wait command of Scratch and develop and test their first Scratch Program.


Discuss in a preparatory lesson: What is an „algorithm“? What is a „programming language“? What is a „program“? Student tasks in app: Practical use of the terms algorithm, program, programming language, controller. And: How do I make an LED flash in the Scratch programming language?

Learning objective

  • Initial understanding of the term “algorithm”
  • Understanding of the term “programming language”
  • Development of a first “program” in a meta language and in Scratch
  • Control a lamp (LED) using the fischertechnik controller (ft-Controller) with Scratch


Time required

The explanation of the central terms algorithm, programming language and program using the example tasks takes approx. one lesson.

The construction of the small police vehicle and the connection of the LED and the battery module to the controller according to the building instructions takes approx. 15 minutes including the introduction of the components.

If the students have little or no previous experience, an additional lesson is required for the introduction to Scratch and the first Scratch program.