Excercise 10: Buggy


The buggy is a three-wheeled driving robot that is controlled remotely via the keyboard. Logical connections („and“, „or“) are introduced. In the experimental task, the buggy receives a voice output.


How does a remote control work? What are „logical operators“? How can you evaluate the sound strength level?


Learning objective

  • Evaluate keystrokes and use as a remote control
  • Use of variables for saving status values (motor speed)
  • Use of logic operators (“and”, “or”)
  • Evaluation of the volume level

Time required

The buggy can be constructed in around 20 minutes. The first tasks „Remote control 1“, „Remote control 2“ and „Remote control 3“ can be solved by the students in the same lesson. The topic of the experimental task (emergency stop) is taken up again in model 11. Experiment task 5 adds a voice output to the buggy. The tasks are independent of each other and can be used as a supplementary task for particularly fast students. Note: Bluetooth transmission delays the commands slightly; with a USB connection, the buggy responds more immediately to the remote control.