Exercise 6: Fan


The model introduces an analog sensor (thermistor). A step control for a fan is programmed. The rotation of the fan propeller is implemented as a parallel program.


What is an „analog sensor“? What is a „threshold value“? How can you run programs in parallel in Scratch?

Learning objective

  • Evaluation of an „analog sensor“ (thermistor)
  • Determination of threshold values
  • Programming setting control with threshold values in Scratch
  • Programming parallel programs in Scratch

Time required

It should take half an hour to set up the fan. The heat measurement should also be completed in the same lesson.

The step control is challenging, so a whole lesson should be scheduled. The programming of the fan rotation is based on the results of model 4 (barrier) and should therefore be easy to solve for the students. The Smart Fan experimental task is more time-consuming due to the temperature measurements. Here, the different measured values could be tabulated together in order to shorten the processing time of the task.