Brake assistant, cruise control and lane departure warning system

Developing driving assistance systems

Learning goals

  • Distance measurement using the ultrasound sensor
  • Analogue proportional control with speed measurement (cruise control) and using a camera with image evaluation (lane departure warning system)
  • PD controller (lane departure warning system)


Driver assistance systems (braking assistant, lane departure warning system and cruise control), sensors (evaluating encoder pulses, ultrasound values and camera images for speed control, detecting obstacles and travel lanes) and controllers (P and PD controllers).

Time required

The servo motor and USB camera are connected to the autonomous vehicle.

The task builds on the “obstacle detector” (ultrasound distance measurement) and “lane tracker” (proportional controller) from the tasks in the Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set. Depending on their age and previous level of knowledge, students will need 240-330 minutes to develop the programs needed to solve the programming tasks. The functional principle of a proportional controller should be addressed in instruction in advance.

Highly skilled or older students could be given the experimental tasks (lane departure warning system with P and PD controller). These will take an additional approx. 150-240 minutes to solve.

Task 2

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Task 2

Solution 2

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Solution 2