Didactic material accompanying the product ADD ON Omniwheels

Lesson plans, tasks and solutions in English and Portuguese

Editable format of the task sheets

Our didactic learning material can be used directly in the classroom. Nevertheless, many teachers have the need for individualization in order to meet the respective application in the best possible way. Therefore, the task and solution sheets are deliberately provided in Word format. This allows you to customize and modify them as you wish before you start printing.

Structure according to topics

Our lesson plans are structured according to different sub-areas on the topic of Omniwheels. In this way, you can respond specifically to needs and teach exactly those topics that you consider to be target-oriented or that you have been given.
The fischertechnik Base Set ADD ON Omniwheels can be used to fulfill all the lesson plans provided.

The lesson plans for the various topics are offered below.

Task 1 - Navigation

We programme a distance sensor with obstacle detection for the mecanmun vehicle.
Didactic material for task 1

Task 2 - Track follower

With help of the camera we'll programme a track follower for our Mecanum-vehicle.
Didactic material for task 2