Robotics Smarttech

Build and program your own robots!


We are happy you have chosen the "ROBOTICS Smarttech" construction set from fischertechnik. Because with this construction set you can conduct many interesting experiments and solve exciting tasks. 

Read this didactic material and try the experiments and tasks, to learn step-by-step how you can control and program simple as well as complicated machines and robots using the ROBOTICS TXT Controller from fischertechnik. 

Learning is a process of building things up from a foundation and it is not possible to start with the most difficult things right away, even though they may be a little bit more interesting than the more simple tasks. This is why we have structured the experiments and tasks in this booklet so that you learn something different with every new task and can then use this as the basis for the next task. 

So don't worry, we will start with small things and then work together to progress to the big robots. 

We hope you have a lot of fun and success now experimenting with your ROBOTICS Smarttech. 

Your team from

First Steps - Tutorial

We have a small tutorial for the first steps.
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Download Software

The latest version of the software.
Software ROBOPro 4.7.0

Instruction TXT Controller

All important information about your controller.
Download instruction TXT Controller

Exciting challenges for the product

Tasks and information about the product.
Exciting challenges await you
General Information
Component Explanations
Trouble Shooting
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