Morse Code

Encryption and coding of data for communication

Learning Goals

  • Understanding the function of a communication channel
  • Coding data for transmission via a communication channel
  • Scanning a signal sequence
  • Processing a text string, functions
  • Encryption and decryption of data for protecting the transmission against unauthorised access


Coding data for communication, synchronised transmitter/recipient, Morse code, encryption (Caesar cipher, Vigenère cipher).

Time required

Students will be able to build the Morse button in just a few minutes.
Depending on their previous experience in programming, students will need 90-180 minutes to develop the programs to solve the programming tasks. 
The experimental tasks will require (depending on student grade) another 180-270 minutes. The Morse receiver should be tested in groups using two TXTs.
Students should have been introduced previously to Morse code, the Caesar and Vigenère ciphers (see accompanying materials).

Task 5

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Task 5

Solution 5

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Solution 5