Task 1 - Weather station 

Evaluation of sensor data for weather display

Learning Goals

You will begin by building a sensor station that will serve as a model for all subsequent tasks. Then, you will use the environmental sensor (a Bosch Sensortec BME680) to collect different weather data (humidity, temperature, and air pressure), calculate a weather forecast based on this data, and transmit the data for visualisation to a dashboard on an IoT server in the fischertechnik cloud.
Recording measured values, meaningful visualisation and analysis
Using the barometric formula to create a weather forecast
NTC resistance and temperature calculation (Steinhart-Hart equation)


Analysing sensor data to display the weather
Weather forecast using measured air pressure and barometric formula
Visualising the sensor data on a web server
Adding a webcam to the weather station

Time required

Assuming the student has some familiarity with fischertechnik, building the sensor station according to the building instructions will take around 60-90 minutes.
Students will need around 90 to 120 minutes to solve the programming tasks (assuming previous programming experience). The experimental tasks build on task 1 for the Base Set and the programming tasks; it should take a maximum of 120 minutes to complete them when using the example programs. Because the sensor can take a long time to adjust, determining the measured values necessary to solve experimental task 1 may require a 30 minute wait time.