Didactic material accompanying the product Class Set Electrical Controls

Lesson plans, tasks and solutions in English and Portuguese

Editable format of the task sheets

Our didactic learning material can be used directly in the classroom. Nevertheless, many teachers have the need for individualization in order to meet the respective application in the best possible way. Therefore, the task and solution sheets are deliberately provided in Word format. This allows you to customize and modify them as you wish before you start printing.


Structure according to topics

Our lesson plans are structured according to different sub-areas on the topic of electrical circuits. In this way, you can respond specifically to needs and teach exactly those topics that you consider to be target-oriented or that you have been given.
The fischertechnik Class Set Electrical Control can be used to fulfill all the lesson plans provided.

The lesson plans for the various topics are offered below.

Task 1 - Make a lamp light up

Simple circuit with reverse polarity switch and an LED.
Didactic material for task 1

Task 2 - Make a motor turn

We will be operating a direct current motor and changing its direction of rotation.
Didactic material for task 2

Task 3 - Switching on and off using a button

Function and purpose of a changeover button as control element. In this experiment, we will be switching an LED on and off.
Didactic material for task 3

Task 4 - Connecting buttons in series

We will be connecting two buttons in series and observing how they behave.
Didactic material for task 4

Task 5 - Connecting buttons in parallel

We will be connecting two buttons in parallel to create an OR link.
Didactic material for task 5

Task 6 - Multiway switching

We will be controlling an LED with two buttons. You can use this circuit, for instance, to switch a light on or off from two places.
Didactic material for task 6

Task 7 - Short circuit brake

Directly stop a motor without any lag time.
Didactic material for task 7

Task 8 - Left - right - off with two buttons

Basic circuits for a motor controller.
Didactic material for task 8

Task 9 - Pole reversing switch with two connected buttons

First, we will be exchanging the normally open and normally closed connections for a button from Experiment 8. Cascading the buttons into one unit creates a compact reverse polarity unit.
Didactic material for task 9

Tasks in Portuguese

All the tasks in Portuguese can be downloaded below
Download - Student task

Solutions in Portuguese

All solutions in Portuguese can be downloaded below
Download - Sample solution