Lesson plans for the product First Coding

Editable format of the task sheets

Our didactic learning material can be used directly in the classroom. Nevertheless, many teachers have the need for individualization in order to meet the respective application in the best possible way. Therefore, the task sheets are deliberately provided in Word format. This allows you to customize and modify them as you wish before you start printing.


  • Simple robotic programming – remote control
  • Autonomous driving – detecting obstacles and tracks
  • Algorithms in our everyday lives – precise steps to solve a problem
  • Programming sensors and actuators

Learning goals

  • Process-related competence: Problem solving / being creative.
  • Mathematical competence: Pre-numeracy skills (sorting, organizing), logical and strategic thinking.
  • Personal and social skills: finding a solution with your team.
  • Language - communicative skills: Learning technical terms.
  • Content-specific competence: Initial explanation of information processing principles (IPO model - input on the sensors, processing, output on the actuators). Learning about the informational context of sensors, actuators, and if then commands.

Time required

Students will need approx. 45 to 90 minutes to solve and discuss the programming tasks. 

Didactic material for the classroom