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Lesson plans, tasks and solutions in English and Portuguese

Editable format of the accompanying didactic material

Our provided learning material can be used directly in the classroom. Nevertheless, many teachers have the need to individualize the tasks and solutions in order to suit the particular application in the best possible way. The task and solution sheets are therefore deliberately provided in Word format. This allows you to customize and modify them as you wish before you start printing. 


Structure according to topics

Our lesson plans are structured according to different sub-areas of pneumatics. This allows you to respond specifically to requirements and teach exactly those topics that you consider to be target-oriented or that are specified to you.
The fischertechnik Pneumatics Education Set can be used to fulfill all the lesson plans provided.

The lesson plans for the various topics are offered below.

Experience compressed air

Produce compressed air with a homemade pump and learn how it works in a pneumatic cylinder. Controlling a pneumatic cylinder with a valve.
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Compressor, pressure gauge, exhaust air throttling

We generate compressed air by means of an electrically operated compressor, measure the air pressure with a manometer and deal in more detail with the throttling of compressed air.
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Single acting cylinder, solenoid valve

We use pneumatics in a real model - a self-built barrier. In the process, we learn about the "single-acting" cylinder and the electromagnetic valve. 
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Directional throttling

We illustrate how to throttle the motion of a double-acting cylinder in one direction only, or to varying degrees in both directions.
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Generating and working with negative pressure

We generate air pressure that is less than that of the ambient air and apply that in a suction gripper.
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Electropneumatic air motor

We design an air motor that works similarly to a steam engine.
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Pneumatic lift

We design a lifting platform - a so-called "scissor lift" - and have it driven pneumatically. Two further developments offer either more lifting force or a greater lifting height with little conversion effort.
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Project model

This model represents the pneumatics within the framework of a somewhat more complex model - a pneumatic positioning unit, which can also be used as a game.
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Tasks in Portuguese

All the tasks in Portuguese can be downloaded below
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Solutions in Portuguese

All solutions in Portuguese can be downloaded below
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