Green Energy

How can we create environmentally-friendly electricity? How do fuel cells work and how do we create hydrogen with them? Renewable energies are going to be the most important energy source in the future. Extracting, storing and using electricity from natural energy sources such as water, wind and sun is clearly explained using different models and numerous trials. The efficient solar panels can be used flexibly in the models, with many assembly options. The Gold Cap contained works as energy storage and can supply the energy saved much later. Using the fuel cells, it is clearly demonstrated how water is split into the two components, hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, future energy forms are made easy to understand and important skills are gained. Green Energy can be used in guided or free lessons and, at many schools, sets the standard for lessons regarding the subject of renewable energies.

The innovative fischertechnik learning materials support you to teach practically about technology and to bring the subject closer to your students or trainees.

The accompanying activity booklet with teaching and lesson materials includes visual models and tasks for quick lesson preparation, as well as problem-solving tasks and solutions, handouts and print templates.

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Green Energy

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