Small computer made up of hardware and software

The Arduino development platform supports a variety of Arduino controller boards. The Arduino UNO, for instance, is an Arduino board. This small computer can be programmed using the Arduino IDE.
An Arduino offers many different options and can be used in multiple applications.
The software the Arduino uses is open source, and can run in Windows, Mac, Linux, and other systems.

More about Arduino

Arduino UNO

Arduino MEGA

The Mega-F5-Shield is a fischertechnik adapter for the Arduino MEGA-2560 microcontroller.
fischertechnik Mega-F5-Shield

Arduino UNO

The Uno-F5-Shield is a fischertechnik adapter for the Arduino UNO microcontroller.
fischertechnik Uno-F5-Shield

How can I use my Arduino with fischertechnik motors and sensors?

To use the Arduino with fischertechnik motors, you will need a motor shield. This motor shield ideally provides 9V-PWM (pulse width modulation) (our motors are designed for 9V). The analogue inputs on the Arduino can be used to connect fischertechnik sensors. Note that the analogue inputs can only measure voltages between 0V and 5V. If you would like to use fischertechnik sensors that do not have a voltage output, but instead work using variable resistance, a voltage divider must be used. Read the Arduino tutorial to find out how to do so. Note: Our sensors must be supplied with 9V voltage.

Possible setup: Arduino/Genuino Uno + Adafruit Motor Shield V2 for Arduino + fischertechnik motors/sensors/building kits