Arduino UNO

Arduino UNO-F5
The Uno-F5-Shield is a fischertechnik adapter for the Arduino UNO microcontroller. It enables wireless communication with other devices or interfaces (only in conjunction with NRF24L01 module and library), control of DC and SERVO motors and digital and analogue readout of various sensors. Using the programming language of your choice (C, Scratch, ...) the Uno-F5-Shield can be managed in such a way that no special libraries are required. The DC motor is controlled via the PWM output, so that the speed of the DC motor or the brightness of the LEDs can be controlled. The two outputs for DC motors are shared with the outputs for SERVO motors, so that four DC motors can be controlled bidirectionally or three DC motors bidirectionally plus two SERVO motors (microservo 4.8V / 6V). The number of motors which can run simultaneously depends on the power supply connected to the shield (e.g. fischertechnik power supply unit 9V / 2.5A). The Uno-F5-Shield and the Arduino UNO together can also be powered by a 9V power supply unit. A standard 9V battery is also sufficient for use with small consumers (XS motors, LEDs). The output voltage that supplies the DC motors is approximately the same as the input supply voltage of the Uno-F5-Shield (9V).

It also supports the operation of all fischertechnik DC motors (S motor, XS, XM, encoder motor).
6 ANALOG / DIGITAL and 2 DIGITAL inputs can be used for all fischertechnik sensors: phototransistor, photo resistor, magnetic sensor, switch, NTC, colour sensor and IR track sensor. fischertechnik sensors operated via I2C communication with 3.3V, such as environmental sensor, combination sensor and TXT ultrasonic sensor, are not supported. However, sensors from other manufacturers can be used (power supply via the 3.3V or 5V output connections).  Sensors that use 9V for power supply are connected to one of the outputs and sensors with a maximum output signal of up to 9V are connected to the inputs of the Uno-F5 Shield. In addition to conventional connections, the Shield also includes a UART serial port (TX / RX).

Specification Uno-F5-Shield

8 outputs, 2 servo, 6 digital / analog inputs, 2 digital inputs, NRF24L01 connector (without module), I2C connector (5V), UART connector (5V), power supply and battery connector, output voltage connector 3.3V - 5V.
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