The ftDuino is a specially developed controller that combines the popular Arduino controller with our fischertechnik construction sets. Its mechanical and electronic components were based specifically on TX and TXT controllers, making it compatible with fischertechnik Robotics construction sets. It is very well suited for use in advanced training schools and universities, since it was developed specifically for training purposes. Of course, you can also use it to further your personal education.
The ftDuino can help you understand professional programming and discover the diversity of this field. Thanks to its extensive operating manual, it is also easy for new programmers to operate.
Advanced programmers can use fischertechnik construction sets to design and control complex mechanical models. The ftDuino is unique in that it is ready for use immediately, allowing the user to get started with programming and controlling right away. Connecting it to fischertechnik models is also extremely easy, thanks to the popular and proven fischertechnik system.

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Technical data

· mechanically and electrically compatible with the fischertechnik TXT
•    8 universal analogue inputs I1 to I8
•    4 fast counter inputs C1 to C4
•    8 analogue outputs O1 to O8 that can be combined with motor outputs M1 to M4
· supports all current fischertechnik actuators and sensors
•    Drives
•    Buttons and switches
•    Temperature and optical sensors
•    Line, distance and orientation sensors
· I²C connection
•    fischertechnik TX compatible
•    Master/slave capable
· compatible with all current fischertechnik 9V supplies
•    9V battery holder 8.4V-
•    Battery pack
•    9V Power set power pack
· fully compatible with the Arduino-IDE
•    specially designed libraries
•    multiple examples

ftDuino in use