Robotics Mini Bots

The Mini Bots are the ideal first step into the Robotics range of fischertechnik Education. Using actuators and sensors such as motors, infra-red sensors and buttons, pupils can construct five agile mobile robots. The sophisticated robot models can follow lines and go around obstacles. An obstacle course template allows the models to be directly tested. The Mini Bots program is saved to the ROBOTICS module and can be easily chosen using the DIP switch. Selecting the configured programs makes is easy to discover the world of robotics without having to program them yourself. ROBOTICS Mini Bots can be used in guided and in free lesson structures and makes it easy for teachers to get young pupils interested in the topic.

The innovative fischertechnik learning materials support you to practically teach about technology and to bring the subject closer to your students or trainees.

The accompanying activity booklet with teaching and lesson materials includes visual models and tasks for quick lesson preparation, as well as problem-solving tasks and solutions, handouts and print templates.

Activity booklet

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Robotics: Mini Bots

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