3D Printer

Build, design, print! With this 3D printer build-it-yourself set, users have easy access to the futuristic and fascinating 3D printing technology. Print every part yourself - totally unique, totally easy, totally flexible! You can either use the print templates included, the continuously updated print templates on the eLearning Portal (fischertechnik-elearning.com) or print data you have designed yourself. The easy-to-build and stable fischertechnik 3D printer can print many different components. Users learn the basic skills used in 3D printing and gain an insight into this revolutionary technology, with a huge amount of potential for the future. PC software to control the printer is downloaded using the USB drive.

The innovative fischertechnik learning materials support you to practically teach about technology and to bring the subject closer to your students or trainees.

The accompanying activity booklet with teaching and lesson materials includes visual models and tasks for quick lesson preparation, as well as problem-solving tasks and solutions, handouts and print templates.

3D Printer

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