control center of the Training Factory Industry 4.0

The main functions of the Dashboard are explained on this site. 

Production view

The factory status, production process, stock, NFC/RFID reader and the sensor values are queried and presented in the production view. In addition, the camera monitoring the entire facility is controlled from this view. All the functions mentioned are controlled and toggled in a window using the menu. 
The current status of the production modules is visualised in the factory status using a light switch. In case of a fault, this can be acknowledged with a button after rectifying the cause, whereupon the production is continued.
The individual manufacturing steps are visually simplified using connected nodes and represented in the production process view. The currently active node (= production module) lights up either green or red depending on whether the process step is working or there is an error and is waiting to be corrected. 
In the production view of stock, the current stock of the work pieces is shown. A reorder point procedure with minimum and maximum stock controls the stock. This view helps solely in visualisation.
The production view of the NFC/RFID reader visualises the workpiece data and is used to view or delete workpieces manually. With the help of a standard NFC app, the raw data of the NFC tags of mobile devices can be read with NFC reader. Each workpiece has an individual, assignable ID and cover this data: Status, colour and timestamp from delivery to dispatch.
The camera is controlled in the production view and the environmental sensor’s recorded data is also collected and visible here.

Customer’s view

The customer’s view shows a web shop interface with a cart, which helps in order placement and calling up the current status of order in the cart. The customer interface shows this course so that the customer has an insight into the status of his order.

Supplier’s view

The process for ordering the raw goods is visualised and shown in the supplier’s view.