Scissors lift - Pneumatic platform lift

Learning goals

The mechanism of the scissors lift and the care required to construct it precisely,
The increase in force that can be generated by pairing two pneumatic cylinders in parallel,
The increase in path that can be generated by connecting two pneumatic cylinders in a series,
An understanding of the mechanical correlations with unequal gear transmission.


We will be building a platform lift – a so-called “scissors lift” – and operating it pneumatically. Two additional developments require little conversion work, and can deliver either more lifting force or a greater stroke length.

Time required

Approximately 90 minutes will be allotted to complete the tasks.

This model is relatively difficult to construct. Plan enough time, depending on how much experience you have with fischertechnik models. In addition, you will need suitable objects to act as weights, as well as a ruler or tape measure to complete all of the tasks.

Task - Pneumatic platform lift

Here are the task sheets available
Download - Student task

Solution - Pneumatic platform lift

The solutions for the student tasks are provided here
Download - Sample solution