didactic material

Comprehensive, easy to understand assembly instructions are included in every construction set and support your child in building and discovering the fascinating world of fischertechnik. In addition to the assembly instructions, PROFI and ROBOTICS construction sets also offer the fischertechnik eLearning portal. Children can learn online with fischertechnik through the eLearning portal.

How does a manual transmission work? What is a planetary gear? How do you make a windshield wiper move? These are the kinds of questions our additional didactic materials answer, with clear and easy to understand explanations. These range from elementary topics like “Mechanics and Statics,” “Electronics,” “Computer Science,” etc. to easy to understand, practical applications for everyday technologies like traffic lights, fans, pulleys, and even sophisticated and challenging technical solutions from robotics and computing.

In addition to exciting didactic activity booklets and background information with lots of tasks and solutions, there are also animations and videos for the different construction set topics.