3D Printer

With this construction set, you can learn the basics of a 3D printer and how it works. By reading through this didactic information, you will be led step by step through the subject of 3D printing - otherwise known as "additive manufacturing". We hope that you have a lot of fun and success getting to know all about this new and fascinating technology.

3D Printer

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3D printing

We are pleased you have decided on the 3D printer kit from fischertechnik. With this kit, you will learn the basic principles of a 3D printer and how it functions. Reading this educational material will take you step by step through the subject of 3D printing, also referred to as “additive fabrication”. Please read all sections carefully and completely! Thorough reading will help prevent damage to your printer and most importantly, injuries and burns (safety information). Also, be absolutely certain to assemble the fischertechnik 3D printer carefully, with the assistance of the accompanying assembly instructions. This will guarantee that after it is assembled, your printer will function perfectly. You will also avoid damaging your fischertechnik 3D printer. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun and success with this fascinating new technology.