PROFI Electronics

With this construction set, you can learn the basics of electronics. By reading through this didactic information and by trying out the different models, you will be led step by step through the subject of electronics. We hope you have a lot of fun and success when experimenting with the PROFI Electronics.

PROFI Electronics

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Principles of electronics

Where did the term 'Electronics' come from actually? The word 'Electronic' comes from the Greek word 'Elektron'. You can say that it is two words put together; the terms 'Electron' and 'Technology'. Electronics is therefore the technology of electrons. Electronics can be subdivided into five categories:

• Analog electronics

• Digital electronics

• Logical functions of digital electronics

• High frequency electronics

• Power electronics

Here you will become familiar with three of these areas in detail: Analog and digital electronics and logical functions of digital electronics. Analog electronics deals with changes in physical states in relation to time and value. In analog technology a signal can therefore assume many values over a certain period of time (flashing frequency of a light). Digital electronics deals with processing of signals. In digital electronics only values of '1' and '0' are represented and processed.