PROFI Oeco Energy

With this construction set, you can learn the basics of renewable energies. By reading through this didactic information and by trying out the different models, you will be led, step by step, through the subject of renewable energies. We hope you have a lot of fun and success when experimenting with the PROFI Oeco Energy.

PROFI Oeco Energy

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Energy from renewable sources

Every single day, we need an enormous amount of energy. Let's take a look at a normal day: In the morning you are woken up by your radio alarm clock. This gets electricity from the socket. After getting up, you switch on the light and shower with hot water, which has been heated by the oil or gas-fired central heating system. You then dry your hair with an electric hair dryer and clean your teeth using an electric toothbrush. You make yourself a tea or coffee for breakfast. You boiled the water on an electric or gas stove. The sandwich to eat during your break, which you prepared the night before, was stored in the refrigerator over night. You take the bus or tram to get to school, or your parents drive you there by car. Buses, trams and cars consume fuel. We could carry on in this way, listing all the things for which you need energy. The list would be endless. Summing up, we all need an enormous amount of energy. And where does this energy come from? We get a large part of it from fossil fuels: natural gas, oil and coal.With your Profi Oeco Energy kit you will examine energy production from: Water – wind – sun

Unlike fossil fuels, unlimited quantities of these energy sources are available, and none of the disadvantages described above occur when they are used. You will use numerous models to see how these energy sources can be used to generate and store electricity and drive fischertechnik models.