With this construction set, you can build and control a range of interesting Mini Bots, or small mobile robots. By reading through this didactic information and by trying out the different Mini Bots, you will get to know the different ways sensors can be used step by step. We hope you have a lot of fun and success when experimenting with the ROBOTICS Mini Bots.


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Robots, Artificial Humans?

What is your first thought when you hear the word "robot?" Have you ever seen a robot? In a movie or on television? Or perhaps a real one? There are many different types of robots. Some robots look a bit like a human, while others have only one or more arms. So, what exactly makes a robot a robot? The dictionary says: "Robots are stationary or mobile machines, which perform set tasks according to a certain program." Thus, robots are machines controlled by a program. And we call this control of machines (or in our case models) "ROBOTICS." The "ROBOTICS Mini Bots" Set provides a great start for this subject, because the construction set contains everything you need to build and control various mobile robots.