ROBOTICS TXT Automation Robots

With this construction set, you can carry out a range of interesting experiments and tasks. By reading through this activity booklet and by trying out the experiments and tasks, you will learn, step by step, how to control and program different industrial robots with the fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller. We hope you have a lot of fun and success when experimenting with the ROBOTICS TXT Automation Robots. Educational accompanying material and example programs for the construction set: The ROBOTICS TXT Automation Robots construction set additionally requires the ROBOTICS TXT Controller 522429 and the ROBOPro 93296 software. The ROBOPro software is used for installing example programs for all Automation Robots models, as well as educational accompanying material in the pdf format. Opening educational accompanying material and example programs: After the installation of ROBOPro, click on the start button in the Windows taskbar and select Programs or All Programs and then ROBO Pro.You can open the educational accompanying documentation with the new entry TX Automation Robots – Activity booklet. You need the Adobe Reader program for this. If this program is not installed on your PC, you can download it from This version of the accompanying material contains links to the ROBOPro example programs and the ROBOPro Help. All example programs are listed under C:\Programs\ROBOPro\Example programs\ROBO TX Automation Robots. The accompanying material is also available on the eLearning Portal (but without links to the example programs).

TXT Automation Robots

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Industrial robots

An industrial robot is a machine with a universal, freely programmable motion sequence with the purpose of performing highly varying tasks. It can be used for handling, assembling or processing workpieces. Frequently industrial robots are equipped with a gripper to hold workpieces. However other tools can also be integrated to perform certain types of work. As the name says, Industrial robots are used for applications in industry (e.g. production of automobiles). As soon as a robot has been programmed for a task, it can perform the work by itself without manual control. The inventor of the industrial robot is considered to be George Devol, who registered a patent in the USA in 1954 for a programmable manipulator. Together with Joseph F. Engelberger, Devot founded the world's first robot company, Unimation.